Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Two In One

     For my two in one project I am Drawing a bird in a whisk. I went with the theme of using objects that look alike. So, I figured a whisk and a bird cage have a similar shape. I am putting a bird in the whisk as if it were a bird cage.
     I am using pencil as my medium. To me pencil is easier to work with and show shading. Since i am drawing a whisk and whisks are made out of shiny metal there is usually different places to shade. I also wanted to use pencil because if i were to use pen or charcoal it would not have been as easy to draw the bird in the whisk.
     One difficulty that I have had was Proportioning the whisk so it is the right size. I had to make sure that the handle part wasn't to long for the actual whisk rings. Another problem i had has been making sure the picture isn't to plain. Since there isn't really a background I've been trying to make it a little more busy or even find a simple background for it.




      I think my piece was successful because I incorperted the theme two in one in almost two ways with the bowl of feathers and the whisk with the bird.
     I am most proud of the bird in the whisk part because I think it's a really cool concept. I also like how I did the wood grain on the whisk hanger.
     If I could go and change one thing I'd change the bowl of feathers. This is because they kind of look like leaves and the bowls shading was very complicated.
      I used the theme of two and one pretty well. I compared the shape of a bird cage and a whisk and made the bird be in the whisk as it's in a cage. I also used a bowl as if the birds feathers had fallen off into the bowl.